Matt Edgar worried COVID-19 could wipe him off tour.

World Number 63 Matthew Edgar is worried that the Coronavirus pandemic could see him kicked off the Professional darts circuit.

Edgar, nicknamed ‘Prime-Time’, needs to stay in the top 64 at the end of the year to stay on the PDC Pro Tour. 

With backdated events being wiped from the system without new ones being played, he fears that his tour card could be lost through no fault of his own. 

Edgar in action on the PDC Pro Tour. Credit: Wikimedia

He said: “I don’t know what is happening. I’m currently sat 63 in the world and I need to be in the top 64 to keep my tour card so right now I’m losing ranking money I can’t possibly defend. 

“Will I get the chance to defend my seasons ranking, the likelihood is no, which means will I get the opportunity to get in the World Championship again depends how its run or if its run.

“I’ve got a lot of money coming off my ranking which I couldn’t possibly defend and this affects everyone.”

The 32-year-old also feels that there could be less professionals in the game as a result of months of inactivity. 

Many players will be waiting months until throwing competition darts. Picture: Henry Deacon

With pros paycheques reliant on competition, a lack of it means players will need to go back to their day jobs.

“For us as professional players we are really going to struggle in that aspect (no events being played).

“It could mean there’s less professionals when the tour starts again, which will have other implications as far as whether 128 players will be available to play Pro Tours if we have to cram it into a smaller diary if people have to go back to work. 

“People’s careers could be severely affected by this, with 60 or 70 players still working, they won’t be able to take a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday off work and then play Thursday onwards in the European Tours.” 

Edgar spoke exclusively to the Spark Sports podcast.