The new Solent Sports Complex- a good investment?

The new sports complex from the Southampton Solent University has been opened since May and is the result of a £100 million investment to modernize the university.

It includes two new sports halls, two fitness studios, a general-purpose gym, strength and conditioning high-performance gyms and a sports and exercise therapy clinical space.

Solent Sports Complex Photo: Delfim Neves

One of the teams playing and training in the new complex is the Team Solent Futsal. Diogo Galencio plays for the team for 3 years now and praised the new complex: “This new building has been very important for our team.

“We get better infrastructures to work and develop our playing style, but due to some limitations in the budget, the new complex was made with a better focus on basketball.

“But in the end, it allows us to play our game and have fun representing the university.”

Not only made for the Solent sports teams, this new infrastructure allows students from sports therapy and other sports related courses to have better quality material, overall improving their teaching.

Southampton Solent University Source: Wikipedia

Chris Brandt, a sports and exercise therapy student said: “Although being spent a huge amount of money on one building, I think that the number of courses it can help makes it worth it.

“Especially for my course, with the new clinic on the top floor it frees up two extra rooms in the other buildings so that other years can practice and further develop their knowledge.

“The new basketball court as well can bring a new atmosphere and definitely more people to the university. It makes us look better as a university.”




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