Allyson Felix and USA break records at the 2019 World Championships

USA’s, Allyson Felix’s, latest gold medal sees her become the most decorated gold medalist in World Championship history.

The mixed 4×400 relay made records and broke history in its debut at the 2019 Doha World Championships.

The new race gave the USA another big opportunity to win gold, but also gave Felix the chance to over take Usain Bolts World Championship gold medal tally.

Allyson Felix – Part of the winning mixed 4×400 USA team.

The athlete needed to win the race in order to take her tally of gold medals to 12.

USA started the race in a promising first place, with Will London taking the early lead.

Poland caused uncertainty around the ground though as they changed up the usual man, women, women, man formation, leaving both their female athletes to run last instead.

Poland’s switch up left everyone else chasing at the end of the 3rd leg, but USA showed no fear as Micheal Cherry smelt blood and within 150 metres of the final leg had overtaken Poland.

Cherry’s final leg secured the USA the gold, and helped them beat their own world record.

Rank Nation Time
1 United States 3:09.34
2 Jamaica 3:11.78
3 Bahrain 3:11:82
4 Great Britain and N.I. 3:12.27

However, the term ‘World Record’ caused controversy in the commentary box.

Prior to the event the BBC commentator, Andrew Cotter, discussed whether this time should yet be classed as a ‘World Record’ though.

Photo courtesy of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

“United States, have a new world record here and I’m wondering, is there a bonus for world records?

“There usually is, so will there be another bonus if they break it again because it’s such a new event, they’re just going world record, world record. Someone should be getting close to three minutes ten here.”

Steve Backley was also confused on what should be a world record.

“I’m sure it is not yet a world record to be ratified with, so they’re world bests at the moment.

“We have recognised what the fastest times are, I don’t know how long it will take before it becomes a proper world record like all the others are.”