Allyson Felix wins 12th gold medal in mixed relay race

The United States on Saturday set a world record in the 4x400m mixed relay, winning world championship gold in a time of 3:09.34 seconds.

The reigning Olympic champions beat Jamaica and Bahrain into second and third place in Doha, Qatar.

US star athlete Alleyson Felix, who was running at he first major meet since giving birth to a daughter 10 months ago, become the most decorated athlete at the worlds, winning a 12th gold medal, to beat the record previously shared by Usain Bolt and herself.

Like all teams apart from Poland, the USA ran in a male-female-female-male formation, with Wil London running the first stage, giving the baton over to Felix in third place.

The 29-year-old Felix managed to move to second, as only Poland’s Rafal Omelko was ahead of her.

By the time the teams were competing their final lap Poland still led the way, but Justyna Swiety-Ersetic was first overtaken by Michael Cherry on the final 100m. She then also saw Jamaica, Bahrain and Great Britain pass her.



  1. United States smash world record time in relay race
  2. Allyson Felix wins 12thworld gold medal
  3. Great Britain finished fourth place
  4. Poland the only team to use man-man-woman-woman format
  5. Poland’s Swiety-Ersetic was overtaken by USA’s Michael Cherry in closing stages of race, finishing 5thplace
  6. Martyn Rooney may have looked to mishandle baton, losing time
  7. Poland lose ground on USA and Jamaica in final stages of race