Eliud Kipchoge breaks the two-hour barrier

Eliud Kipchoge became the first man to run a marathon under two hours, in Vienna on Saturday.

Kipchoge crossed the line in one hour 59 minutes and 40 seconds, however this will not count as an official world record.

The event was set-up for the 34-year-old to try and break the two hour barrier with no other competition.

Kipchoge at a running event (Image Credit: Wikimedia)

Lack of opposition was not the only factor that will lead to the time not being an official record.

Kipchoge had a support cycling team always fuelling him with water as well as a group of pacemakers blocking the wind.

The most controversial part of this run however, was the Kenyan’s choice of footwear.

Nike have created a new pair of running shoes which are designed to shave minutes off of a marathoner’s time.

Since Nike released the shoes there have been calls for the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) to ban them from competition due to the unfair advantage they supposedly give to the wearer.

Swimmer wearing Speedo LZR swimsuit. (Image Credit: Speedo)

The complaints have been constant from other athletes since 2017 when running records began to topple.

The IAAF rules state that any clothing or footwear “must not be constructed so as to give athletes any unfair assistance or advantage”

In 2009, the IAAF had to ban Speedo LZR swimsuits after 98% of the medals at the Beijing 2008 Olympics and then 43 world records were broken at the 2009 World Aquatics Championships in Rome.

The ban was put in place because the suits were seen as technology doping and gave an unfair advantage to the wearer and the reason why Nike’s new footwear is under scrutiny.