Solent athletes expecting failure

Team Solent athletes are not expecting to win medals at the upcoming British university and college sports indoor championships.

11 athletes from the university will be making the long trip up north for the tournament, but Team Solent vice-captain Chris Hilton believes that the pressure is now off to make the final of the 3000m after he was hit by injury.

Team Solent vice-captain Chris Hilton. Photo: South coast sport news

“Now since the injury, it has been about going and having a bit of fun, if I make the final great but if I don’t then I can’t really do much about it.”

Before the setback Hilton felt he had a good chance of not only making the final but also returning back to Southampton with a medal.

“Before the injury the plan was to get into the final ┬áthen see what happens and go win the race and try and get a medal if possible.”

Solent’s hopes for the 3000m doesn’t just rely on the vice-captain with teammate Damon Lanfear also running the race.

800m runner Kane Lee. Photo: South coast sport news

However, Lanfear is also wary of his chances.

“I am really nervous, it will be interesting to see what happens because the standard is really good but I’m going to race my own race and try and relax.”

Despite apprehension from some of Team Solent, 800m runner Kane Lee is travelling to Yorkshire with confidence.

“I have been training well I’ve ran a couple good 400s already but I will just have to see where my endurance takes me for the 800, yeah I’m looking forward to it”