Basketball The Forgotten Sport Inside The UK

Basketball is a sport that has been overlooked for years within the UK.

With the idea of funding within Britain being based on medals won, Basketball is being pushed into critical financial battles.

In February 2018 the GB basketball team publicly announced that they were facing a real chance of having to disband as they were £100,0000 in debt.

The sport was sprung a chance to prove itself at the London Olympics but not even NBA  star Luol Deng could help the home nation to a podium finish.

The mens side won just one game at that Olympics that year, defeating China in what as a nothing to lose last game in the group.

They did put up good fights against some tough teams like eventual runners up Spain, where they lost by a one point and Australia which they led the game at half-time by ten

Adam Riabi in the 2018 season


If Deng and his men won a medal, Basketball might not be in the position that it is currently within the UK.

Many players have called for the sport to be promoted more by UK sport as the game itself has a lot of participation in younger adults.

The sport is actually the second highest played for people between the ages of 14-25 falling only behind Football.

Aarom Ribera after a game photos; Jay McDaid

Former England Youth player and US Junior College basketball player Adam Riabi feels

that ” if there was more funding, we would definitely see more British players like myself in the US college system” and that ” UK sport need to do more to show that their is a clear

pathway to the USA”.

St Mary’s University player and former London Lion’s trialist Aarom Ribera thinks that ”

The BBL has to be promoted more, I don’t think many people even know that their is a professional league in the UK”