Solent University opens brand new £28 million sports complex

After years of planning and building, Solent has unveiled it’s brand new state of the art sports complex.

The facilities are now available for students and the general public for a monthly subscription.

This building is just one part of a £100 million estates development plan, targeting the redevelopment of the East Park Terrace campus.

One of multiple gym facilities. Photo: Elliot Luxton

This has been done to modernise the area and help attract more people to Solent University and the surrounding area.

The facilities include:

  • Two sports halls
  • Two fitness studios and a spin studio
  • General purpose gym (open to the public)
  • Strength and conditioning gym
  • Sports and exercise therapy space
  • A state of the art basketball court with 500 spectator seats

The complex had it’s grand opening last Wednesday and is now open to everyone, but is targeted mainly at students.

Solent’s head of sport programming, Matt Bishop, said, “The reason the building is here is for the students, to provide the best possible opportunities for sports teaching and the playing of sport.”

Matt also explained that Basketball is a priority sport for Solent after the opening of the new state of the art basketball court.

Part of the brand new basketball facilities. Photo: Elliot Luxton

“It has been for probably 12-15 years, we had a big merge with the community programme three years ago, to create Team Solent Kestrels (Solent’s basketball team).”


“We’ve got 11 national league teams from junior programmes all the way through to seniors and we’ve got a division 1 men’s and women’s team.”


So it comes as no surprise that Solent have invested £28 million into these facilities, with a large portion being put towards basketball, their priority sport.

These facilities are now open to students and the general purpose gym is open to the public too.

Watch our tour of the new building, including the full interview with Matt Bishop below.