Ferrari Say they Need a Strong Performance Ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

After a disappointing start to the season, Ferrari have said that they need a a strong performance ahead of the¬†weekend’s Grand Prix in Azerbaijan’s capital city Baku.

It has been a troublesome start for Ferrari in this year’s Grand Prix, whilst Mercedes have scored one-twos in all three races so far.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binato stated: “Off the back of three races that definitely didn’t go the way we wanted, this is another important moment for us.”

Mattia Binato has come under criticism for the way he has treated Leclerc. photo: Wikimedia

The first three races have seen Ferrari only finish third twice, leaving them 57 points off Mercedes in the team standings.

Binato is hopeful that a strong performance at the weekend will change this: “We have prepared for it very well, analysing all the data we have acquired up until now, looking at areas where we can improve and working on adapting the car’s set-up and the power unit management to the characteristics of the track.”

Ferrari’s one positive over Mercedes this season has been in straights, this could give them the advantage with Baku having the longest straights on the calendar with a 2.2km run.

It could be suggested that one of the reasons for the poor start to the season could be due to the controversy over the use of team orders favouring Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel is one point ahead of his teammate in the driver standings. Photo: wikimedia

Charles Leclerc has been told that Vettel will be favoured in what Binato has called “50-50 situations”. However, Binato has also said: “They’re free to fight. On the track, if there is one driver who is certainly faster, he will get the advantage. Charles, as a matter of fact, he had an opportunity to be in pole in Bahrain, he had the opportunity to fight for the win and he had position in Bahrain.”