Sebastien Vetttel to leave Ferrari

Ferrari formula one team have confirmed their split with current driver Sebastien Vettel at the end of the 2020 season reported by Sky Sports.

The four time world champion said “ The team and I have realised that there is no longer a common desire to stay together beyond the end of the season.”

The shock announcement comes as the formula one season is still revving its engine in anticipation of starting the season which has been postponed due to the coronavirus.

Sky Sports pundit and former driver Martin Brundle believes “it is not the end of the road for Seb, he is reportedly in talks with one other team. It would be a shame to lose such a brilliant talent form the grid.”

Vettel has had a turbulent career with the famous red brand since joining in 2015. He pushed the team back into a championship winning situation which had not been attainable since the start of the decade.

The German driver has faced the ignominy of being beaten and outclassed by brilliant youngster and teammate Charles Leclerc, who recently signed a five year contract with Ferrari. Brundle points to this as one of the reasons Vettel may have chosen to leave.

“Charles is incredible, I think only Lewis (Hamilton) and maybe Max (Verstappen)        ri

Charles Leclerc

val him for just raw talent. Seb must have thought last year that he would easily beat the rookie


but got a nasty shock quite early on.”

The big question on the lips of every fan of formula one is who will make the jump to Ferrari for the 2021 season with Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz thought to be the main contenders.