Cristiano Ronaldo fined for celebration

Ronaldo appeared to copy Simeone’s gesture from the first leg Photo: Wikimedia

UEFA have charged Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo with improper conduct following his celebration against Atletico Madrid.

Ronaldo scored a hat trick in the round of 16 in their 3-0 second leg win against the La Liga side in Turin.

To celebrate his third goal, he copied Atletico boss Diego Simeone’s gesture from the first leg.

After Atletico’s opening goal in their 2-0 win in the first leg, Simeone made a gesture where he turned to the home fans and grabbed his crotch.

He was subsequently fined 20,000 Euros for the celebration. Simeone said the gesture demonstrated the character of the club.

He explained “It means we have balls, a lot of balls. To start Costa and Koke after they hadn’t played for a month takes balls”, according to Sky Sports.

UEFA will make a decision on March 21st for Ronaldo’s punishment.

While a fine like Simeone is the likely outcome, a ban would see Ronaldo miss the quarter final first leg against Ajax.