Cultural differances between U.S. and U.K. sports

Sport in England, as well as around Europe, is very tribal, especially in football, the team you support isn’t just a club to follow, it’s part of who you are, this causes fans to be very passionate and create great atmospheres.

Across the pond in the United States however things are slightly different. Sports teams there are franchises, it’s all about branding, furthermore events are about giving each fan the best experience possible, making the game into a show.

Bristol City vs Sheffield United pre kick-off – Photo: Ryan Bailey

Marlon Bass, a 20 year old from London, studies TV production at the University of Westminster and is a huge sports fan. He decided to study in America for his second year of university and has been to many sports events in the States.

He told us what he feels are the differences between sport evens in the UK and US and is there anything the UK could learn from.

“Due to America being such a huge country, it is hard for fans to support their teams away from home. So this causes games to be almost entirely home fans. For example a fan from Boston isn’t going to travel across all of America to go watch their team in Los angles. In the U.K. we are so close to each other away fans can easily attend away games. This brings more chanting more atmospheres in the stadiums, where as

Home fans starting to fill Ashton Gate stadium, Bristol, UK – Photo: Ryan Bailey

 in America the atmosphere is very bland.

“Americans really know how to interact with their fans at games. Because there are so many stops and starts during each quarter or touch down. With kiss cam or dancing cam. Small little things like that although in England you do see this every now and then, it is not nearly featured as much as America.”