Eastleigh launch new student incentive to try and increase match day attendances

£1,888. That is the average spend for a Premier League fan during the 2019/20 season and this figure is only set to increase over time.

This is one reason why non-league clubs such as Eastleigh have pledged to offer their fans better value for money.

The National League side’s game against Torquay United was labelled a ‘student night at the Silverlake’ and charged just £7.50 for a match ticket, a pie and a pint.

Eastleigh often hold student deals at their games to entice younger audiences.

Giving fans a better overall experience as well as increasing the amount of young people attending Eastleigh games is something which chairman Kenny Amor places in high regard.

“We’re in a catchment area where they have Southampton right on their doorstep and of course that’s a really easy choice to make for them, so attracting them here it’s really important that we offer them better value for money.”

97% is the average percentage attendance for top-flight games and keeping fans wanting to attend games at a lower league level can prove problematic.

Sholing chairman Greg Dickson. Photos: Jack Mirkovic

Sholing, a non-league club also in close proximity to Southampton, face similar issues and offer season ticket holders similar incentives to try and increase their average gate.

“As a football club we have to try and maximise our attendance figures. It is of course really difficult when you’ve got both a National League and Premier League club close by but we make do with what we’ve got and believe all we do is having a positive impact on the local community.

“We’ve kept our ticket prices largely the same from last season even though we were promoted but season ticket holders of both Southampton and Eastleigh we also offer discounted prices to.”

However, freelance journalist Peter Moore, who mainly covers Woking, has a different view on the matter.

“They are reliant on a huge amount of financial help these non-league clubs and this doesn’t always mean that they can necessarily charge the best prices.

“They have to be reasonable when it comes to ticketing pricing potentially at the price of getting more fans in at the gate.”