Everything is being done very carefully, but we are still very afraid- Joao Almeida

Football is set to resume in some countries as lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted.

The Bundesliga is set to return on Saturday 16th May and the Portuguese League on the 4th of June.

However, only the first division of football is going to resume in Portugal, as the lower leagues have all been cancelled.

Joao Almeida plays for GDR Soutelo, a small club in the AF Aveiro division in Portugal and believes that this is the right call.

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“Football is a business, and when you have a plan to lift some restrictions, its normal that such a big business is going to want to resume.

“The players, the coaches, the staff, and everyone that is related with a club need to work, and it is good that this is happening and that we are having some leagues returning.”

Regarding his personal career and physical state, Joao is working closely with a personal trainer to get back in shape.

“At first I was doing some physical exercise with my brother who is a personal trainer, and with the lockdown restrictions being lifted here I’m organising some small games with some friends.”

G.D.R Soutelo Photo: Wikipedia

“Everything is being done very carefully, but we are all still very afraid.”

“It’s very frustrating because I was getting game time, I was finally on track to show the potential that I believe I have.”

Almeida will keep training with his brother to get to the best shape as possible to resume football in September.