FA Cup attendances for Non-League teams key to survival.

A Birmingham non-league side have to rely upon FA Cup crowds to fill their stadium.

Halesowen, who reside in the eight tier of the football pyramid, saw a season high of 1,235 pour into the stadium on Saturday as they hosted Altrincham FC in the 3rd round of qualifying in the FA Cup.

However, in their last league home game against Corby, not even half of that attended at just 611.

Clubs such as Halesowen who are referred to as the Yeltz, survive on volunteers and support from the community to keep them afloat.

Halesowen manager Paul Smith prefers the non-league game over the Premier League.

“Straight away, there is blood, guts and thunder.”

“I’m a big advocate of non-league football over the professional game now that money has ruined it.”

These statistics coincide with national non-league day on 12th October which is an initiative that was set up in 2010 to promote the importance of affordable volunteer led community

Martin Tyler is part of the coaching set-up at Woking FC


One of the biggest supporters of this initiative is Premier League commentator Martin Tyler who said, “non-league day is a chance to celebrate the 40,000 semi-professional and amateur clubs in the UK and I am honoured to help fly the flag.”

Halesowen Vice-Chairman Dave Horley also argued the financial benefits of supporting non-league football over the Premier League.

“You watch a match like this which is live on the BBC and the tickets only cost you £10. You can buy a shirt for £30 and you go to any Premier League team and you have spent £30 just on your ticket.”