Gosport hope dark days are behind them.

Gosport Borough chairman Ian McInnes hopes that the club can rise from its ashes and rebuild a club fallen to its knees.

Since making the FA Trophy final in 2014, the club have been in court five times, and survived in the Southern League Premier with a goal difference of -101 whilst trust between supporters and the club diminished.

Privett Park, home ground of Gosport Borough. Photo: Henry Deacon

McInnes arrived in January 2018 before appointing former player Lee Molyneaux as manager in the summer after narrowly avoiding relegation last season.

But since McInnes’ arrival, he has seen a club which despite making vast improvements has a long way to go.

“It’s night and day from when I came in.” Said McInnes. “I think that sounds boastful, but there’s a lot to do.

Crowds have been building at Gosport. Photo: Wikimedia

“I took over it at a time when it was at its lowest ebb, and eventually people will come round.

“We’ve got a decent first team now, a reconstituted reserve team doing well and 52 youth sides, but more importantly it’s about growing a club.”

The former Portsmouth chairman hopes that the club can do more than just success through its first team in the foreseeable future.

“When I leave here, inevitably I will, I want my legacy to be that we have a proper community club with a really broad aspect of people of all genders playing for the football club and hold its head up high again.

“We’re beginning to do that I think.”