Head injuries in Football

After collapsing during Napoli’s Serie A match against Udinese, David Ospina has been discharged from Hospital.

On loan from Arsenal, the Colombian international suffered a blow to the head after colliding with Ignacio Pussetto early in the first half. Ospina was allowed to continue, before collapsing before half time.

On Instagram, his wife Jesy Sterling said “David is much better”. Napoli confirmed that the player is resting and will not be joining the national team.

Lopes was allowed to continue after a collision

In a club statement, Napoli explained, “David Ospina was discharged this afternoon from the Pineta Grande Clinic where he had been hospitalised last night for a series of investigations and specialist visits. All tests are negative.

“The player has been advised to have a few days off and will not respond to the call-up of his national team.”

Head injuries are an ongoing issue in football, with players suffering serious injuries and, in the case of Ospina, being allowed to continue.

Lyon keeper Anthony Lopes continued after a collision during the Champions League tie against Barcelona. Lopes received treatment before having to come off later in the game.

Coach Bruno Genesio said that Lopes “lost awareness but did not want to come off” and that he was a “little knocked out”.

Petr Cech suffered a head injury in a match against Reading in 2006 after a collision with Stephen Hunt. Cech underwent surgery for a depressed skull fracture and didn’t play again for 3 months.

The Premier League has introduced new rules on head injuries Photos: Wikimedia

For the 2014/15 season, the Premier League introduced new rules on head injuries.

The Premier League stated that any player suffering a head injury must now leave the pitch and the club doctor must decide if the player is capable of continuing.The manager and coaches should have no say.