I prefer it face to face says Goal.com journalist on COVID restrictions

Nizaar Kinsella of Goal.com says ‘’I prefer it face to face’’ as he reflects on the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 on football and sports journalists.

Kinsella covers all things Chelsea for the renowned website and is used to traveling all around the country following and giving the latest about the Blues.

He explains that he goes to the ground two hours before kick-off as he insists: ‘’getting there early is quite important for me, it’s an important part of the job.’’ Kinsella prepares an intensive amount of research ahead of the game and when he gets to the ground, it’s all about networking and connecting with fellow journalists.

An hour before kick-off he starts settling after getting the team news and starts thinking what to expect of the game.

All of this is in normal situations, however, now with a global pandemic going on. His routine is far from the same, with restrictions on getting there only an hour before the match’ start, digital press conferences and more.

‘’I prefer it face to face, you can analyse what they are saying, you can the tone a bit more. And there is a bit more camaraderie off camera, whereas now, you go in to the online press conferences and they are straight into being recorded. It changes the atmosphere quite a bit, making it less personal.

‘’Technically, it works but it’s not as good for me.’’

Credit: Last Word On Sports

Kinsella went on to mention the effect of an empty stadium on his job, he said: ‘’Sometimes supporters can be the story and it’s not a good thing and sometimes they are the story and it is a good thing.

‘’They do influence you in the feedback and the atmosphere-and without them it’s quite a shame.’’

The experienced reporter remains hopeful as he concluded: ‘’I am looking forward to the day where we are back in a room with a bunch of journalists and a manager and ask the questions face to face.’’

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