Jose Storms Out

Jose Mourinho stormed out of his press conference following a 3-0 home defeat to Tottenham Hotspur this evening.

The man united manger left the press conference after demanding respect from the journalists. He finished the press conference by saying.

“Just to finish, do you know what was the result? This [holding three fingers up]. 3-0, 3-0. Do you know what this is? 3-0.

As well as this he went on to ask for respect about the achievements, he has in won his managerial career so far saying.

“But it also means three Premierships and I won more Premierships alone than the other 19 managers together.

“Three for me and two for them two. So, respect man, respect, respect, respect.”

This result left 13th in the league table with just three points from there three games of the season making it the worse start to a season for the club since the1992/1993.

Despite losing 3-0 Mourinho was actually quite impressed with his teams performance in the game, he said after the game.

“No, no, no. You need to make a decision in relation to that. I need to know from you what is the most important thing. If it is to play well or to win matches?

“To play offensively or for a certain result? Today we were aggressive, we press high. Tottenham couldn’t make two passes coming from the back. They made lots of mistakes because of our pressure high”

The last time the club started the season this poorly they went on to win the league so there might be some positives for fans after all.