Liverpool moves up to seventh place and comeback to win 5-4

Adam Lallana won Liverpool the three points with a 90th minute winner at Carrow Road on Saturday.

The Reds were 3-1 down in the second half and had some confusion at the back as they conceded four set-piece goals.

But Jurgen Klopp praised the game of football, saying it was a “wild” match and that “a draw would have been deserved for both teams”.

The German did not see many problems and is not worried with his team’s defending, despite conceding 4 from set pieces.

“It’s not easy to create chances against us, everybody can see it, it’s not easy, I don’t think there were a lot.”

The Reds now move up to seventh place, as they march on to achieve some European football for next season.

Klopp was amongst the goal celebrations with the rest of the squad.

The 48-year-old had his glasses knocked off by Lallana and were broken in the injury-time festivities.

He said: “I have a second pair, but I can’t find them. It’s really difficult looking for glasses without glasses”.

Borussia Dortmund Museum

A pair of his glasses had been smashed before, when his old club Borussia Dortmund beat Bayern Munich for the first time and Nuri Sahin broke his first.

They’re in the Dortmund museum, and was asked if his newest pair would be put in the Anfield museum, but the German said: “We will see what will happen.”

Klopp sees this match as redemption from the previous match where they lost to rivals Manchester United.

He proceeded to say that the Reds “took something back” as the game could have been a draw.

Liverpool are now two points behind sixth place West Ham, and three points behind Louis Van Gaal’s Manchester United.