Project Restart: Is It Right?

Project restart has caused quite the stir in recent weeks with different players and managers speaking out on whether football should begin again in England.

Just this week Danny Rose spoke out brutally on the project stating that he did not care about the countries morale and did not believe it was worth risking lives for.

“The governments saying bring back football to boost the morale of the nation, I don’t give a f*ck about the nation’s morale. People’s lives are at risk! Football shouldn’t be spoken about till numbers have dropped massively. It’s b*llocks.”

Mikel Arteta Contracted Coronavirus

On the other hand, Burnley boss Sean Dyche has spoken in support of Project Restart, insisting that his players were very much on board to complete the season when safe to do so.

“They are professional footballers and that is what they want to do and that is what they have been doing all of their lives and they were keen to be clear-minded on it. We wanted some form of clarity and we got that, that was our way of dealing with it”.

Callum Hudson-Odoi also contracted the virus

With the project getting some momentum it looks more and more likely that football will return, however with players and managers split down the middle, is it really the right thing to do?

In phase one of Project Restart, players will only be able to train in groups of five, and with tackling banned, also the training pitches will all be disinfected to try and stop the spreading of the virus.