Solent Football turn to Performance Analysis

Performance Analyst Thomas Sorenson forms the forefront of a whole host of changes to the Solent Men’s BUCS team this season.

After just avoiding relegation last year, the side have revamped their set up; turning to two fresh coaches alongside the insight of an experienced figure in Sorensen.

Minster and Sorensen look on at training (Photographs: Adam Whyte)

“Performance analysis is about capturing the training and the games on video and from there analyse it,” explained Sorenson to Solent Sport Journalists.

“I would code the game, [producing] both video and statistical analysis and then share that with the staff.”

Alongside the Dane are the appointments of two new coaches, both who have a wealth of coaching and footballing experience.

One of these new management figures, Mason Minster, has worked across the country with clubs such as Wolverhampton Wanderers and Accrington Stanley.

The mood is high in the camp following two wins from two (Photographs: Adam Whyte)

“We hope to bring some professionalisation to the whole team,” said Minster. “We’ve looked to change it and make sure all sessions are relevant to what we are trying to do during games.

“Through Herbalife we’re looking to improve the nutrition of the team and we’re also looking to implement our playing style at the minute.”

Following two wins out of two so far this season, the changes seemed to have been having the desired effect; something the players themselves are enjoying most of all this season.

Performance Analysis in action (Photographs: Adam Whyte)

“It’s been really positive, they’ve [the new coaches] come in and told them what they expect of us and what we should expect of them,” BUCS First Team defender Sam Hartley said.

“The mood amongst the squad is really optimistic at the moment, we all seem to be playing well and moving in the right direction.”

The side will be hoping their turn in fortunes continue as they take on the University of Bournemouth next week.