The Dells’ last goalscorer Uwe Rösler believes the stadium “was always a special place.”

It has been 20 years since Southampton’s last game at The Dell and the demolition into a housing estate.

An old walkway leading to The Dell.

The final goal in Southampton’s 103-year-old ground was scored by German Saints striker Uwe Rösler in a 1-0 win over Brighton before moving to St Mary’s stadium

The former Saints striker recalls his memories and experiences of The Dell and Southampton Football club.

“Emotionally, I was always connected to the ground and the supporters. I have great memories. Le Tissier scored the final league goal and I scored the last goal ever.”

“It was a very intimidating place in the primetime of Le Tissier and a difficult place. It was a very small and tight ground. Teams were on top of the players and it was very intimidating.”

The last goal was scored on the 26th May 2001 in a friendly against Brighton and Hove Albion which was held to commemorate the last game at the ground. Brighton were selected because they played Southampton as the first visitors of the stadium when it opened in 1898.

Wallace court sign that still remains from The Dell.

“I wish I scored the last goal in the Premier League. I remember it was really hot and a full house. I just played as hard and as tough as I could, and I just wanted to score. I was driven by that going into the game.”

“At full time there was a pitch invasion, and everybody tried to stay safe.”

The German striker featured alongside players such as Saints legend Matt Le Tissier and was coached by England icon Glen Hoddle in his time at Southampton.

“He (Glen) had a big influence on me on the coaching side and he was really progressive and a modern manager at the time. I really enjoyed our talks about football.

“Playing also with Matt Le Tissier, he was a very unique player and very special player. I have good memories.”

A full video on the remembrance of The Dell can be seen here: