The sad cases of Raimundo Tupper and Lee Su-Chul

Raimundo Tupper 

Raimundo Tupper’s story is a chilling one. The Chilean left back who played for Chile’s Universidad Catolica in the top division for ten years tragically took his own life by jumping from a hotel roof whilst on a pre-season tour in Costa Rica aged just 26.

Tupper’s battles with clinical depression were what forced him to do such a horrible act. In the 90’s support networks and outreach programmes were not as common, and players still needed to show the macho image.

His story has more impact knowing that his teammates where away with him when he took his own life. Often, suicides are committed in private with people forced to suffer alone.

I feel it would be more impactful to write about the accounts of those fellow players away with him as they re-live the tragic events that happened on that day.

Not only does it show the tragedy of suicide but also the story of someone who ‘seemingly’ had it all and their dream job but was never truly happy.

Lee Su-Chul

Lee Su-Chul’s death in South Korea was one more deep-rooted than most. Not known to have suffered from depression, instead he was involved in the K-league match fixing scandal.

A former player in the 90’s and manager after retiring he died in 2011 aged 45.

He was arrested in July of 2011 or blackmailing a player over involvement in the match-fixing scandal. He was later found guilty and received a suspended sentence.

Not only did Su-Chul take his own life but a former player in the side also took his own life after also being prosecuted.

This would be a good story to delve deeper into and to unearth the truths behind the match fixing scandal and just how much damage the prosecution for those crimes has caused.

With quite a few deaths by suicide in South Korean football, perhaps more could and should be done to prevent it.