Wycombe player prepared for the future

Wycombe footballer David Wheeler has said that he has prepared for his future ventures post football.

Wheeler said: “So I think yeah, to use that time to be productive especially because, you know, football careers if you’re lucky finishes at the highest level in your mid to late and that’s not even guaranteed that you’re playing at the high level for that whole time.”

The Winger has recently completed his masters in Sports Psychology, with a potential future career path set up when he completed his degree at the university of Brunel University.

However, teaching is one route Wheeler doesn’t see him self going into, he said: I was going to go into teaching where as now I don’t think I will. I don’t think it is stimulating enough especially with people who don’t want to be there.


The 31 year old said: “Absolutely it should be a pre-requistie for any academy”

“So unless you plan properly. Yeah, I think it’s super important just to be like a well rounded person as well. And, and also to not, be so emotionally and psychologically beholden to a manager picking up you know”

Recently Crystal Palace were the first club to set up a wide ranging aftercare programme for 18-23 year olds leaving the career.

Spending time previously at Lewes, Staines Town, Exeter, QPR and now currently Wycombe Wanderers his Wycombe side sit sixth in League One.