Wycombe Wanderers star believes more help for young footballers should be on offer at their teams

Wycombe Wanderers winger, David Wheeler, has said that all football clubs should help young players develop futures outside of football in the event that they don’t make it professionally.

Wheeler, formerly of Queens Park Rangers, believes it should be mandatory for clubs to assist players at their club at finding another pathway away from the professional game.

“Yeah, absolutely. I think definitely, it should be a prerequisite of any Academy. Players up to 23 should be actively encouraged to be pursuing other things you know because a lot of players will leave the training grounds at around one o’clock and go home where they’re probably going to be playing video games. So I think they need to use that time to be productive especially because a football career, if you’re lucky, finishes in your mid to late thirties”

The 31 year old has a masters degree in Sports Psychology ultimately setting himself up for the future post football.

After being released from Brighton and Hove Albion’s academy when he was 16, Wheeler took his A-Levels before taking an under graduate degree at Brunel University in West London.

He believes that this was a good idea incase his dream to play professional football couldn’t be reached.

“I did a degree in sports science because I thought what if I wasn’t gonna to be a professional footballer, then possibly I could be a teacher or a coach. So that was my thought process in doing that, be involved in sport in some way because that was my main my main interest”