Wycombe winger talks life after football

Wycombe Wanderers winger David Wheeler emphasises that aftercare “should be a prerequisite of any Academy up to 23″ following Crystal Palace’s recent decision to support their players after being released by the club.

The 31-year-old recently completed a Masters degree in sports psychology at Brunel University, after completing his undergraduate degree in sports science back in 2013 whilst playing for National League side Staines Town.

Wheeler believes players “should be actively encouraged to be pursuing other things” whilst in academies or at non-league clubs due to the high chance of not making it at a professional level. 

Speaking on professional football careers;

“if you’re lucky you finish, in your mid to late thirties and that’s not even guaranteed that you’re playing at the high level for that whole time. You might have started at the bottom and got up and then maybe come back down again or spend your whole career in the National League or league two. You can still make good money doing that, but if you spread that money out over another thirty years, it’s not going to be a great deal”.

Wheeler spoke about how being surrounded by “high-performance athletes” changed his mindset throughout the course of his career.

Earlier in his career had he not pursued football, Wheeler spoke about how he might have gone down the teaching route, but now believes it’s not something that would stimulate him.

“I don’t think I’d find it rewarding in ways, I don’t think I find it stimulating to be working with kids, especially kids that wouldn’t necessarily want to be there. So I think now if I was working to go back to teaching it would be like a sport’s College. Football was always the main sport and it was what we pushed. So I think that’s changed, being in football has certainly changed that.”