YouGov study finds that “one in 25 fans believe VAR has worked ‘very well’

A study done by YouGov and SkySports has confirmed that just one in 25 football fans believed that VAR “had worked very well”.

The survey, which was undertaken with 1419 people across the UK, asked supporters how they felt about the impact that VAR had had on the league.

VAR in the Premier League has faced pushback since its introduction. Photo: NeedPix

The technology, introduced at the start of the 2019-2020 season, was expected to improve the standard of football by making more consistently correct decisions.

Its introduction has been anything from smooth though, and has drawn much criticism from fans, managers and players alike after a run of poor decisions which affected results.

10% of those surveyed said the technology had been “a complete failure”, with just 2% believing that VAR had “worked perfectly”.

Interestingly, of the 29% of people who considered VAR to have “worked very badly”, many of these were located in the North-West of England, with far fewer people agreeing with that statement in the South.

This potential North-South divide on the issue could only increase pressure on the footballing authorities to make changes to the system sooner rather than later.

Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

In his press conference today, Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl addressed the issue by defending the referee’s ahead of his side’s fourth round replay against Tottenham tomorrow.

“You have seen the scene once, you can see it twice, maybe you decide different, but then the final decision is from him, from the referee, and they can boo about him if they want but he’s the guy who has the responsibility for the game.”

Some managers have been far more verbal in their opinions about VAR this season, with several teams losing points following narrow offside decisions.

Pep Guardiola suggesting back in August that decisions could do “with a little more consistency”.