How To



Featured Image – Each story has to have a featured image. Your uploaded featured images has an image size of 880×280 pixels in order to look good at any screen size. The slider will show a grey image placeholder in case you haven’t set a featured image.

This means you have to choose your photos landscape size and then crop it to 880×280. There are a number of ways to do this, Paint in Windows or Adobe Photoshop are some examples. Another – and easy way to go about it – is to go to the page and download the image. If you then go to crop, you can then select the size and move the ‘resized box’ to what it is that you want to show. You can also use the above webpage to increase the size of your photo. i.e. If it 640×350 pixels you can increase it first to 880xwhatever and then crop it. In that case, first go to resize and then from there go to crop.

Images in post – Make sure that you are satisfied with the size of the images that you use in the post. They can be resized the same was above or within wordpress. The same can be said about their positioning. Ideally the text should be wrapped around them.

They need to have a caption and a photo credit as per the below example:

Ronald Koeman was a picture of frustration during his final game in charge of Everton, Sunday’s 5-2 defeat by Arsenal. Photograph: Chris Brunskill or Getty Images

Royalty Free – You need to show that the photographs used in the story are royalty free. Royalty free photographs can be found via tools in the google search engine.

Links – The story should have a radio or video link.

Headlines – Your story needs to have a headline in line with the theory of websites.

Tags – Please add at least four tags to the post. These are important to help readers find stories and for SEO. One of the tags HAS to be ‘world’ to ensure that the story appears on the front page slider.

Categories – Please also categorize your stories, giving it a category like football, tennis, sport (or something similarly appropriate). Your work which you are submitting for the assessment HAS to also be categorized Assessment to enable me to easily find it once it has been submitted. With other words, make sure you categorize it as ‘normal’, but ALSO give it the Assessment category.




Please make sure that you stick to your basics with your stories:

1. Remember the BASICS (5W&1H; Inverted Pyramid) – A story should in theory be able to be cut at anyplace and the reader should still have the gist of the story as it should be in the lead and the following pars.

2. Remember KISS (Keep it short and simple). The shorter a sentence is, the less likelihood that the reader will be ‘lost’ somewhere along the way.

3. PARAGRAPHS should consist of ONE sentence or in exceptional cases TWO. Not more and if you go for a two-sentence paragraph is should be the exception, not the rule.

4. NAMES – simple rule: It is Josephine Bloggs in the first mention and then simply Bloggs. Is is NOT Josephine, or Ms Bloggs.

5. QUOTES – Quotes generally make a story more interesting, so don’t keep the reader waiting endlessly.

6. DATE – Avoid dating stories by using phrases like “today, tomorrow, yesterday, last week”. You have no idea when the story will be read online. So be more definite, i.e. Monday.




On the assessed newsdays you are needing to do the following: Write a 250-300 word web-story accompanied with a MINIMUM of 3 original photos AND EITHER an audio package OR video package relating to the story you produced an online article about. It is expected that you complete a well-balanced, objective piece of journalism (package) for TV or radio, which showcases the skills/theory you have learned in class.

The story, with the photographs and the link to your audio or television piece, has to be uploaded on the site. A screenshot of the page – showing the entire page – needs to be submitted via the online submission. The cut-off point for both these is 4pm.

You can only submit on the if you are a registered user assigned the role of AUTHOR. Please make sure that you are registered well ahead of the submission time as you will not be able to work on the page until such time.

At 4pm your roles on the website will change from author to subscriber, which still gives you access to the page, but will not let you edit or contribute stories.

There might be further submission requirements for the audio and/or television component.