Web Analysis

Media Pack example:




  • Audience (typical user – this can be obtained from a website’s media pack
  • Market (main rival sites)
  • Number of unique page impressions sites – this can be obtained from the media pack.
  • Size of site and how many people work on it.
  • Approximate numbers of pages of editorial, key sections and length of articles.
  • Writing styles (particularly compared with print output).
  • Does the site aim to ‘break’ news stories?
  • Website navigation and usability – how easy is the site to navigate.
  • Use of photographs, audio, video where appropriate
  • Participation – methods that the site uses to engage with users.
  • Social media – use of Facebook and Twitter
  • Mobile technology – does the site have a mobile site?
  • How the site generates revenue? Is it profitable?
  • Technology used such as content management systems.
  • Colour scheme, fonts used, size of text. Masthead (banner) design.
  • Any suggestions for improvements to editorial content or design.

Website Case Study Example I
Website Case Study Example II