England Fans Cycle 8300 Miles for Rugby World Cup

Linney House, his Uncle Dale, and father Keith left Dover on the 12th of June and finally arrived in Shanghai for their ferry to Osaka on the 23rd of October.

The three men cycled for 105 days out of the 113 they were travelling and in total, they spent 650 hours in the saddle on their way to Osaka.

During their time on their bikes, they managed to climb an astonishing 173,000ft and averaged 79 miles per day.

The Route Photo: Linney House

The adventure was not just to watch the Rugby World Cup, the cyclists raised over £8,000 for three charities. The three charities are Slide Away, Fight for Sight and Alzheimer’s Society.

On arrival in Osaka, the men were welcomed by Typhoon Hagibis which stopped the men cycling to watch England take on France.

Linney who openly did not train for this gruelling tour said: “I was in Osaka when the typhoon came close and it was pretty bad there so can’t imagine what it would have been like in Tokyo”

The ride did not come without its problems, some issues the group encountered were arrests, wasp stings, sleeping rough in parks and 700-mile detours.

When trying to enter a conflict zone in Donetsk, Ukraine the men were abruptly stopped and had to cycle back to their start point 100 miles away.

The Kazakhstan desert provided one of the biggest cycling problems for the group Linford had this to say: “Other tough times were riding in the 48°c heat of the Kazakhstan desert against a big headwind”


One of the many camping spots Photo: Linney House

The group is sticking around for the final hoping to get tickets to see England take on South Africa but will be flying back before Dale’s birthday on the 14th of November.