Home advantage proves decisive for the champions of the six nations.


A very interesting take using the noise levels. Not sure if it works because I am not sure if the noise level is automatically equated with the strongest home advantage. The graphs look good, but I think would need a bit more explanation. For instance, you don’t say anything about Italy winning 80%, that seems very high, but I take it, it means that they won 80% of their overall games at home. In this case it would probably have made sense to have included the world ranking and looked at teams expectations to win or not.


Until 2017, 10 out of the 16 winners of the tournament have had a home advantage having played three home ties out of the five fixtures.

What makes this even more clear is the fact that 75% of the ‘Grand Slam’ winners have all had a home advantage.

However, home advantage has not always favoured the beneficiary of the wooden spoon of the tournament. Scotland have finished four tournaments without winning a game and on two of those occasions, they have done so with the home advantage.

Although, on the 10 occasions Italy have won the wooden spoon, only four of those have been with a home advantage.

The table illustrates how the number of match points scored at home is always higher than away for each of the six nations sides.

Back in 2015, each of the six nations sides had the noise levels within the stadiums monitored to see which stadium was the loudest.

Loudest Six Nations stadiums  Average
1. Millennium Stadium (Wales v England) 92.0dB
2. Aviva Stadium (Ireland v France) – 89.8dB
3. Twickenham (England v Italy) – 88.4dB
4. Murrayfield (Scotland v Wales) – 88.0dB
5. Stadio Olimpico (Italy v Ireland) 86.1dB
6. Stade de France (France v Scotland) 85.1dB


From the data, it is clear that the Millennium stadium in Wales showed the highest average noise level, but does this relate to the team with the best home record out of the six nations over the last few years?

Despite the fact Wales have the highest noise levels, they have only the third best home record over the last few years showing that the crowd support doesn’t always guarantee success.