Players feel rugby will be ruined by new tackle proposal

Rugby players are outraged by the new tackle proposal as they feel the game will change dramatically.

The sports governing body,World Rugby, is looking at ways to reduce head injuries and has announced there will be an experiment to ban tackles above the waist, which could be law by the 2023 World Cup.

Team Solent warming up. Photo by Rosie Russell

This arose due to three amateur players dying last year in France due to high tackles.


Many players are upset by the proposal and feel it will have a negative affect on the sport.

Solent rugby’s open-side flanker Alex Perry feels:” It is going over board because if you’re ¬† in the game and someone comes at you, you’re there and you hit them safely in the chest then it’s ok.


“It will be to stop start and won’t flow and that’s what people want, a flowing game.”

Fullback Russell Trundle agreed with his team mate as he said: “There is going to be a point where players are going to be too scared to make tackles.”


Photo courtesy of Max Pixel

Solent coach Stephen Judd had mixed feelings about the proposal and the affect it will have on the game.

“Its going to make it a very different game. I don’t know how it can be enforced but it will definitely be more exciting.

“We will get high scoring games but it will look like touch rugby. It will ruin the spectacle of union and it will just be league.”

Bedwas team medic and sports therapy student Jessica Langley is for the new rule to make the game safer.

“I think it is a good idea from the injury side.

“From my point of view it will be good as the boys won’t be thrown on their heads.”