Seminar Week 9 – Exercise I

TASK: Re-write the following information into a news piece of between 400 and 500 words. You can use pictures of Owen Hargreaves instead of Ryan. 



“I didn’t come for the money. I could have stayed at Real Madrid but instead I sacrificed $2m [£1.4m] from them in order to come here. I didn’t leave that for somebody to tell me to shut up and fuck off. – QUOTE – RYAN

“He’s 34 years old and he just wants to play all the time. I can understand that fully but I have to do what I think is best for Bayern Munich.” QUOTE – Hitzfeld

Bayern play at the Allianz Arena.

Ryan, who was the first Irish player to win the World Player of the Year award scored just one goal for Bayern.

Ryan had a falling out with coach Ottmar Hitzfeld.

“I respect the people I work with and I expect the same in return. My reasons for leaving are the lack of respect, the lack of communication and the dishonesty shown to me by Ottmar Hitzfeld.” QUOTE – RYAN

He received £500,000 when he terminated his contract with Bayern Munich in mid-October after being with the club 10 weeks. He was paid £250 000 for the ten weeks he was at the club.

The player said the coach showed him a lack of respect.

“I’m not willing to subject myself to feeling small in front of the younger players that I hope to be an example and an inspiration to.” QUOTE – RYAN

Striker Michael Ryan joined Bayern Munich in August at the start of the 2000/1 season from Real Madrid. He signed a two-year contract worth £ 2.5 million.

Ryan scored three goals in the German League Cup, but his only goal in the Bundesliga came in a 2-1 defeat against Stuttgart.

“Being on the bench was not a problem for me. I did not come to Germany for the £25,000 pounds-a-week salary. I could have earned more at Real Madrid but after an early loan spell in Germany with Hamburg I wanted to play there again.” QUOTE – RYAN

“He brought some moments of magic with him but it was always going to be a delicate situation with him.” QUOTE – Hitzfeld

Ryan said Hitzfeld was “unprofessional and disrespectful”.

Ryan felt like “the worst player that ever existed”.

“I will not accept being at a club where the manager names me in the team and then calls me five hours later to tell me that I am not in the team. In my opinion that is unprofessional and disrespectful and shows a lack of confidence in me.” QUOTE – RYAN

“I’m not upset just because I’m not playing. I do accept because of my age that I won’t play all the games. QUOTE – RYAN

Ryan’s weekly salary made him Bayern’s highest-paid player ever.

“I was made to feel old and of no real use to the club. I felt I was being used for publicity to attract other players.” QUOTE – RYAN


Bayern’s games whilst Ryan was with them:



v Hamburg 1-1 (Bayern goals: Scholl)

Bayern line-up: Kahn – Kuffour, P. Andersson, T. Linke – Sagnol, Lizarazu – Effenberg, Hargreaves – Jancker, Scholl –  Ryan

Substitutions: Paulo Sergio for Scholl (46), Zickler for Jancker (75)

Subs: Dreher (Tor),Tarnat,Fink,Sforza



v Hertha 4-1 (Bayern goals: Linke, Fink, Jancker 2)

Bayern line-up: Kahn – Sagnol, P. Andersson, T. Linke, Tarnat – Fink – Wiesinger, Scholl – Sforza – Jancker, Ryan

Substitutions: Zickler for Ryan (46), Salihamidzic for Fink (72), Hargreaves for Jancker (83)

Subs: Dreher (Tor),Kuffour,Lizarazu,di Salvo



v Bochum 3-0 (Bayern goals Zickler 3)

Bayern line-up: Kahn – Sagnol, P. Andersson, T. Linke, Tarnat – Fink – Salihamidzic, Scholl – Sforza – Jancker, Zickler

Substitutions: R. Santa Cruz for Zickler (46), Ryan for Jancker (73), Lizarazu for Tarnat (82)

Subs: Dreher (Tor),Kuffour,Hargreaves,Wiesinger



v Wolfsburg 4-1 (Bayern goals Jancker 2, Sforza 2)

Bayern line-up: Kahn – Salihamidzic, P. Andersson, Kuffour, Tarnat – Fink – Wiesinger, Scholl – Sforza – Jancker, R. Santa Cruz

Substitutions: T. Linke for Kuffour (33), Zickler for R. Santa Cruz (46), Sagnol for Zickler (81)

Subs: Wessels (Tor),Hargreaves, Ryan,di Salvo



v Stuttgart 1-2 (Bayern goal Ryan)

Bayern line-up: Kahn – Sagnol, P. Andersson, T. Linke, Lizarazu – Fink – R. Santa Cruz, Scholl – Sforza – Jancker, Elber

Substitutions: di Salvo for R. Santa Cruz (46), Ryan for Sforza (69), Strunz for P. Andersson (76)

Subs: Dreher (Tor),Kuffour,Tarnat,Wiesinger



v Unterhaching 3-1 (Bayern goals Santa Cruz, Elber 2)

Bayern line-up: Wessels – Sagnol, Kuffour, T. Linke, Tarnat – Strunz – Hargreaves, Scholl – Sforza – Jancker, R. Santa Cruz

Substitutions: Salihamidzic for T. Linke (61), Jancker for Elber (70), Fink for Scholl (70)

Subs: Dreher (Tor),P. Andersson, Ryan,Wiesinger



v Cologne 2-1 (Bayern goals Kuffour, Elber)

Bayern line-up: Kahn – Sagnol, P. Andersson, Kuffour, Tarnat – Fink – Hargreaves, Strunz – Salihamidzic – Elber, Santa Cruz

Substitutions: Sforza for Hargreaves (46), T. Linke for Elber (61), Göktan for Sagnol (75)

Subs: Dreher (Tor),Wiesinger, Ryan



v Rostock 0-1

Bayern line-up: Kahn – Sagnol, Salihamidzic, T Linke, Kuffour, Lizerazu – Fink – Sforza, Strunz – Jancker – Elber

Substitutions: Wiesinger for Kuffour (46), Hargreaves for Strunz (68), Ryan for Elber (78)

Subs: Dreher (Tor),P. Andersson,Tarnat,R. Santa Cruz


Cup Games


v Schoenberg 4-0 (Bayern Goals Scholl, Smith 2, Hargreaves)

Bayern line-up: Kahn -Kuffour, Tarnat, Lizerzu – Fink – Sforza, Wiesinger – Salihamidzic – Elber, Santa Cruz, Ryan

Substitutions: Hargreaves for Ryan (72), Wojciechowski for Scholl (80)

Subs: Dreher (Tor),T. Linke,di Salvo



v Magdeburg 1-1 2-4pen (Bayern goal Smith)

Bayern line-up: Kahn – Sagnol, P. Andersson, Sforza, Tarnat – Strunz, Fink – Wiesinger, Paulo Sergio – Jancker, Zickler

Substitutions: Salihamidzic for Wiesinger (46), Elber for Zickler (90), Ryan for Strunz (90)

Subs: Wessels (Tor),Hargreaves,R. Santa Cruz