Cheerleading edges closer to feature at the LA Olympics in 2028

Cheerleading may make its mark in history by becoming a part of the Olympics if their application is successful and possibly be a part of the Los Angeles 2028 event. 

Many have compared cheerleading in similarity to gymnastics, a sport highly recognised as worthy to be an event since the 1896 Olympics hosted in Athens. 

Assumptions loom over cheerleader’s head that ‘Give-me-an-A’ is all they stand for, yet the technicality of their stunts is significantly hard to execute correctly. 

‘All-Star’ cheerleading, as professional level is known, involves air stunts and routines where teams made up of men and women compete against each other.  

USA are the general favourites for competitions, although tough competition is never far behind.  

Team England and teams from Mexico, Norway, Chile and New Zealand all performed well at the most recent cheerleading world championships. 

These competitions have similar judging systems to diving, synchronised swimming and gymnastics, which would suggest they entail related moves and performance between them all. 

With the risk in aerial techniques of falls and mistakes so high, it opens the opportunity for different winners each year, that could bring entertainment through the unpredictability. 

To complete moves this perfect, a fundamentally long period of training would have to be done to build up overtime. 

Cheerleading does have its critics, although many have praised professional cheerleaders for their efforts in a sport so far fairly unrewarded.  

“Cheerleading is a sport with growing popularity. It has a strong youth focus and we noted that.” International Olympic Committee (IOC) director Kit McConnell told BBC Sport. 

There will be no confirmation on the matter of cheerleading featuring in the Olympics any time soon. 

However, the chance still stands, competitions will continue and more acknowledgement of the cheer dance as a sport can still be made.