Darts legend “worried” for future of the sport

Former Darts player and Sky Sports commentator, Wayne Mardle, is “worried” about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the sport.

The pandemic has brought a halt to the sport and caused the postponement of important events such as the Premier League and the PDC Pro Tour.

This stoppage has Hawaii 501 fearing for the future of the sport and it’s players:

Ex Darts legend Wayne Mardle. Photo:Wayne Mardle

“There are very many players who will not be able to afford this time off.

“There are 128 professional players on the circuit and I can absolutely guarantee you that no more than 30 of those actually earn a profit from playing darts.

“I’m extremely worried for those at the tail-end who barely scrape by when live darts is actually on, I am very worried for them.” Mardle said.

“I can bet that this is a horrible time to be a darts promoter with all these suspensions and postponements, because who knows when darts will be able to come back, and when it does I really hope it lands back safely on its feet.”

It’s not all doom and gloom in Darts though, with Mardle’s interview coming soon after his victory in the Walk On World Cup.

The event pitted Darting figures against each other in a battle to determine the best walk

The future of Darts is uncertain. Photo: Jamie Perry

on, voted on by fans.

The 47 year-old defeated five- time world champion Raymond Van Barneveld, by just shy of 20,000 votes, in the final and spoke of the importance of events like these in keeping up morale:

“The Walk On World Cup was good, it was a bit of fun. It was a great distraction away from everyday life which now is tough.

“Twitter has come into its own right now, it’s a place to talk and share ideas and silliness and just have a bit of fun sometimes.”