Emiliano Sala plane disaster: Other cases of athlete air crashes

Plane crashes are always devastating, especially when it concerns an athlete or sports team such as the case recently with Emiliano Sala who was due to sign for Cardiff City.

Here are some other plane crashes involving an athlete:

 1. Cory Lidle, 2006 

The plane contained New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle who was due to fly to Tennessee where he would spend the night, before flying to Dallas & Texas the next day on his homeward journey to California.

The New York city plane crash occurred in 2006, where a Cirrus SR20 aircraft crashed into the block off Belaire apartments in New York City at 2:42 pm local time.

The flight also killed pilot Tyler Stanger, with a further 21 people injured in the building which induced 11 firefighters.

2.  Payne Stewart, 1999 

It was on October 25, 1999 that the aircraft Learjet 35 carrying PGA golfer Payne Stewart was scheduled to fly from Orlando, Florida to Texas.

The plane also carried his agents; Van Bardan, Robert Fraley and Bruce Borland, alongside two crew members.

It was an early stage of the flight when the quickly lost cabin pressure, and all six people on board were incapacitated due to a lack of oxygen.

After running out of fuel over South Dakota, the plane ended up crashing in a field near Aberdeen after making an uncontrolled descent.

3. Alan Kulwicki crash,1993

In 1993 Nascar champion Alan Kulwicki was killed in an aviation crash which occurred near Blountville, Tennesse, three other people involved in the crash included 48 year-old pilot Charlie Campbell alongside, two executives of the Hooters restaurant chain.

Kulwicki was travelling back from a promotional appearance, and was planning on showing up at Bristol Motor Speedway.

The reason for the fault of the crash was said to be a pilot’s error who did not understand the aircrafts system.

4. Rocky Marciano crash, 1969

Undefeated heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano who was set to fly out from Chicago to Des Moines, with two companions were killed when the plane crashed on a farm near central Iowa town.

Rocky was said to be on his way to a birthday party at a steak house in Des Moines, but was later found dead by county sheriff Darrell Hurley.

5.  Hansie Cronje crash, 2002

South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje alongside two others died in a plane crash on 1st June 2002 in the Outeniqua Mountains.

Cronje was scheduled to fly home from Johannesburg to George, but which was then halted.

After this flight was cancelled Cronje got an alternative plane on a HS 748 turboprop aircraft , it was near George airport pilots list visibility in the clouds and were unable to land.

This was due to navigational errors, and it was whilst the plane was circling that it crashed into the Outeniqua Mountains killing Cronje, and the two pilots instantly.