“Exercise saved my life”

The coronavirus has forced Britain into lockdown and negatively affected nearly everyone’s life. One person who has felt these adverse effects is Jake Sutton. He was recently diagnosed with depression and just before lockdown had found exercise had a very positive effect on his mental health.

“Exercise saved my life really, I used to hate how I looked and felt but since I’ve started regularly working out I just feel much more positive.” v

Jake Sutton working out  [shot by Jake Sutton]

The new routine which had been incredibly useful for the 25-year-old came to an abrupt end when lockdown was imposed. Sutton feared for his mental state initially but states that the gym he had been attending immediately began to start online classes.

“My gym have been incredible they upload a workout everyday as well as live stream classes, I find it really beneficial to be able to still do my workouts at home and have actually enjoyed it more. This way I don’t feel self-conscious about anyone looking at me while I work out.”

The NHS recommend that people who suffer with depression should try and get active as exercise can have a positive effect on not just the body but the brain as well. Image preview

In these stressful times the extra release of endorphins to ease anxiety and tackle depression are a welcome addition to the sometimes monotonous lockdown life.

“ Just knowing that at some point in my day I’ll be bale to go out to my garden and sweat out all the bad stuff makes me feel much better about still being stuck in lockdown.”

In times where exercise opportunities are scarce, the unique ways being found by Sutton’s gym as well as many other gyms across the country should be commended.