Quidditch – From fantasy to the Olympics?

The sport made its cinematic debut in 2001 (Photo: Wikimedia)

Invented by J.K Rowling for the Harry Potter series, Quidditch was introduced to the world in 1997 and since then the sport has captured imaginations in the books and the films. Since then the once fantasy game has been brought to life and its popularity around the World is growing.

For the young viewers, seeing this sport for the first time was a completely new experience. Going from football and cricket to a sport you dream of playing. The wizards soaring through the air with broomsticks and capturing the hearts of many.

The final Quidditch scene in the franchise came in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince which was released in July 2009. Southampton Quidditch Captain Toby Scandling is a fan of Rowling’s stories. On his favourite house he joked, “Slitherine all the way”.

However, Rowling’s creation isn’t recognised by many as a real sport, it was created for a fictional story. In real life, Quidditch players aren’t actually wizards, they can’t fly like Harry Potter, but that hasn’t stopped the sport surging in popularity.

Toby Scandling believes Quidditch should be taken more seriously (Photo: Owen Stammers)

In 2007, the United States Quidditch association was founded to regulate the sport. More and more players are looking for Quidditch to be recognised as a serious sport.

Scandling believes that the sport is misjudged. He explained, “It’s a full contact sport, people don’t actually realise that”.

On the Olympics, he said, “I don’t see a reason why not. Quidditch is already an international thing. There is a World Cup that team UK takes part in”.

Rowling supposedly came up with the idea in a hotel room and turned it into a hugely popular fictional sport.

Perhaps one day, the sport will transition from movie screens to live from the Olympics.