Smith and Warner’s Ball-tampering Comes to an End

It was like they never left as Steve Smith and David Warner’s ban for ball tampering came to an end with both players returning to the IPL and Australia National Team.

The two Australians saw their ban come to an end back in March after the two players joined up with the Australia squad for their ODI in UAE.

Smith was Australia captain since 2015 having his title stripped in 2018.
Photo: Wikimedia

This was their first involvement with the squad since their year long ban. Their involvement has been seen as a way for them to ‘break the ice’ with their teammates as they begin their return to international cricket.

They’ll be expected to make their return in May for their preparation for the England and Wales World Cup.

David Warner has been part of the Baggy Green’s set up since 2009.
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It is yet to be seen if they would return to their roles for Australia with Smith as captain and  Warner as vice-captain, with many asking the Australian cricket board to stand their ground and prevent them from returning to their duties.

The current captain, Tim Paine has yet to say his thoughts on their return, and whether he would be happy to step aside for Smith.

Some would say that it wasn’t much of a ban for the pair, as they continued to play for clubs across the world in different T20 leagues.

The two have ben out of the headlines for quite a while for the past twelve months with their return to cricket now making people ponder whether their ban was strong enough seeing as they play in other countries.

The tampering scandal happened back in March 2018 during a third test match against South Africa in Cape Town.

They were found to have put tape on the ball to give it a swing as they bowled, creating an unfair advantage against the batsman.