Socials are saving Hockey Team as Solent thrive

Southampton Solent Men’s Hockey Team look to bounce back from relegation last season as they stand top of their new division four points clear.

A good start to the season has left them dominating games, most recently a 12-1 win against the University of Bristol’s fourth team.

The Western 3A League side have lost just one game out of seven, Matt Cradock, Solent Hockey President, believes the new recruits can help the team improve further.

Matt Cradock Photo: Hannah Blackshaw

“The freshers we brought in have been a good quality standard, it’s been a very good start to the season with them.”

Since the new start, Socials Secretary for the team, Jack Meacher, has highlighted that the team does struggle for numbers, yet are still winning matches with less players.

“We struggle with some numbers a bit, but getting the results even with nine players is really really good.

“We’re top of the league at the moment, so in that respect we are doing well.’

Cradock feels the team are working less as individuals but now as a team unit in a new morale this season.

“As a team we are a lot closer, off the pitch as well as on, so that’s been a big factor in our success.

Solent Hockey Team in training Photo: Hannah Blackshaw

“Last year is was more a team of individuals, than as a team itself.”

Secretary Meacher, is responsible for arranging social activities outside of hockey which work to bring the team closer.

“Socials are not only going out, but doing things like paintballing, laser quest, we’ve got many ideas of what we’re going to do.

“We’ve actually done some already which brings the team together in a non-hockey aspect.”

Since the Hockey Team have become friendlier off the pitch and attended socials they have made improvements with their success rate.

They will hope to add onto their good fortune as they face tough local rivals, the University of Southampton, next in the cup.

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