Solent University squash captain says the sport ‘needs to be in the Olympics’ in order for the team to survive

Squash’s popularity in the UK is declining, and people are calling out for the sport to have a higher profile to improve participation.

Callum Greasley – Solent Squash captain

Team Solent’s squash captain Callum Greasley said that squash needs to be promoted on the world stage in order to help the university’s team survive: “Squash needs to get into the Olympics, that’s probably going to help it.

“It is quite a small sport, and it’s relatively new at the university as well.”

Only 315,400 people participate in squash weekly compared to nearly 755,000 who play tennis.

The team does not have a coach and the courts are of poor quality.

According to Greasley, more funding would help rectify the team’s issues: “People don’t want to join a club that looks less organised.”

With five members of Solent University’s squash team graduating at the end of the season, there will not be enough players to constitute a squad for next year.

The upcoming captain, Jack Miller, said he wants to try and attract new players to keep the team alive: “I’d need three more, we can get away with having four in a team.

Matt Lisk (left) and captain Callum Greasley (right) training. Photos: South Coast Sports News

“Realistically, I want to be getting six or seven in the team to have a nice amount if people aren’t available.”

However, Matt Lisk, a third year student, believes that the team won’t fold: “Sure there’s only two [for next year] but there’s freshers to come up soon.

“We’ve got people involved in the club in other ways… I think the team will be here but it might not have the same strength.”

The team were relegated last season after they won just three games and were forced to forfeit some away matches as players couldn’t travel.