Transition troubles for Perez

Solent futsal head coach Mario Perez has said the transition from player to manager has been a tough one.

Perez replaced Charlie Budd in the role at the end of last season and took his first training session of pre-season on Tuesday October 1, 2019.

The former goalkeeper concedes that his first role in management is a lot different too playing.

Photo: @LSmedia

“To be honest it’s harder than I thought. At the beginning most of the players only see you as a teammate, they don’t have that respect, they don’t see you as a coach, they don’t follow you sometimes”

Perez has found that a tactic of tough love could work in his attempts to transition from the goalmouth to the sidelines.

“You have to put a line in the middle and say I’m the coach here, you need to listen to me, obviously I’m trying to make it as enjoyable as possible for them, but they must see me as a coach and not just a normal player”

Despite the early teething problems Perez is exited with the new additions to the squad, pointing to their predominantly futsal background as a strength for the team.

“The first thing I was looking for in the trials was futsal players. I’m very confident that we will do very well in the league because all of them have elite futsal understanding”

“Since the beginning I’ve thought that futsal is a cultural sport. If you are a football player there’s nothing you have to be doing here at futsal. And it’s not a coincidence that of the fifteen players here, eleven are Portuguese”

Preparations for the new campaign have barely taken off, but Perez and his team are aiming high this season.

“We’re looking for promotion, hopefully we’ll be champions. In terms of the league cup we’re looking to go as far as possible. I think if we commit and we can play the way we’re gonna play we can do really big things.