Will Quidditch make the Olympic Games in the future

Quidditch has come along way since the birth of the fictional sport when the book series debuted in 1997.

Quidditch now boasts an international governing body and teams in over 20 countries. There are multiple professional competitions similar to other recognised sports like football, for example a Quidditch World Cup and European Championships.

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A big tackle during the game. Photograph: Wikipedia

Karen Kimaki, tournament director of the European Quidditch Games, explained that the sport was mainly played by Harry Potter fans at the beginning but now has evolved. Much like in the books and films players are required to use quaffles to  score goals, dodge bludgers, and play until a seeker catches the snitch.

Becoming recognised as an Olympic Sport by the International Olympic Committee would really help the game to be validated further and for more people to take it seriously.

Per the IOC’s requirements, it would need to be overseen by an international non-governmental organisation and follow the rules set by the Olympic charter. The IQA would ultimately need to petition the IOC for this formal acknowledgement, but that alone would not be enough to get Quidditch into the games. Typically, the IOC only adds new sports when another is discontinued.

A Southampton Quidditch player explains why it is not completely out of the question: “I don’t see why not, Quidditch is already an International thing with a World Cup and a European Championships.”

He added: We are travelling to Newcastle to compete in the British Championships, and then a week later flying to Krakow in Poland to compete in the European competition.”