“Association football players who committed suicide” task

The case of Dave Clement would be a good story to write on because it is an example of how the pressures of sport and injuries can overwhelm an athlete. It would also be particularly good because the story doesn’t have to end with him, as you could also write about his son later being inspired to embark on his own professional career. The angle I would take is the extent to which Dave saw his identity in football and how the thought of losing it became unbearable, and then how his youngest son, Neil, later succeeded him to a career of his own.

Tommy McLaren’s story would be a good one to write about as a story of his attachment to Port Vale. He had 369 appearances for the club and helped raise them to new heights, and was unable to accept his departure. I would take the angle of celebrating him as a legend of the club, and the 60-year tribute of signing his son and giving him his number in the 2010-11 season.