Do Premier League clubs perform better when the transfer window closes early?

The summer transfer window closing before the start of the season was introduced before the 2018/19 season.

Managers of smaller clubs in the premier league feel that the transfer window distracts players therefore don’t perform as well.

Crystal Palace first four results:

2016/17 – L L D W

2017/18 – L L L L

2018/19 – D L L W

2019/20 – D L W W


Southampton first four results:

2016/17 – D L D L

2017/18 – D W D L

2018/19 – W L L L

2019/20 – L L W D


Burnley first four results:

2016/17 – L W L D

2017/18 – W L D W

2018/19 – D L L L

2019/20 – W L D L