Golf is making a comeback as lockdown rules change

Golfers around the country are once again able to play golf as lockdown restrictions have allowed golf courses to reopen.

It was announced that golf courses and up and down the country were able reopen as of Wednesday 13th May.

Social distancing restrictions still apply on the golf course and you can only play with one other person.

Ben has been practising in the garden during lockdown

Ben Kerr, PGA Professional at Royal Worlington Golf Club believes it is great that courses can once again open and that golf encourages social distancing.

“It’s one of the few sporting activities that can be played without having to touch anything that anyone else has touched. Plus, you’re outdoors in the open air” he explained.

“The game, by its very nature, encourages social distancing as you should only be playing your own ball to keep the pace of play moving along”

Kerr speculates that there will have to be a change at golf clubs to enforce social distancing successfully but not much will need to change on the course.

“The processes and procedures around golfers arriving at the club and how they will move around the facility will have be modified for social

Golfers are returning to the course as of 13th May

distancing, but the game itself can be played the same way as its always been.”

“Golf clubs will be stressing to golfers that they are opening the course to be used under strict guidelines for exercise and well-being.”

The PGA Tour is set to return behind closed doors on June 11, taking place at Colonial Golf and Country Club.

Kerr suspects that there could be issues with the Tour moving around the world.

“The professional tours around the world will have problems with all the people involved with tournaments moving around the world to different venues” said Kerr.

“It will be interesting to see how they cope with that logistically”