Governing bodies must do more to help retiring players according to former Peterborough striker

Former Peterborough and Bradford City forward Aaron McLean has called on footballing bodies to do more to help footballers when they retire.

Top Premier League footballers earn enough money over the duration of their career to allow them to retire without the need to work another day in their life.

The same cannot be said for those players who never break through the glass ceiling into the top tier.

McLean is one of those footballers, having played almost his entire career in the Championship or League One.

The now pundit spoke about the lack of help given to footballers when they hang up their boots.

Yes, the FA need to do more, the PFA need to do more to help give players advice and help on what to do when they retire.┬áThe PFA is there for when things go wrong, not to prevent things from going wrong. More needs to be done on prevention.”

McLean feels he has been lucky in the career he now has post football, but says not all players are as lucky as him.

“I know players who have had very successful careers who are struggling now with mental health and finances. It’s a lot harder for lower league players when they retire. Especially for someone like me who hasn’t played at the top for my entire career like Micah Richards, Peter Crouch, Joe Cole”.

The avenues open to players who have devoted the majority of their lives to football post career are minimal, with the two most obvious career options being coaching and media work.

Coaching itself is a very competitive field to go into, and not a very lucrative one according to McLean, who struggled financially whilst getting his coaching career off the ground.

I was a coach for three years. Two years at Peterborough and a year at Ebsfleet. And the money is not great. You know, I was lucky that I played for a long time at a high level. So I had money to fall back on, but the money that I was earning in League One wasn’t even monthly, it wasn’t even covering my outgoings. So I was using my own money to just to cover my bills.

It should be mentioned however, more is being done in the modern day to help players set up potential career paths when they end their career. Especially at a younger levels.

Perhaps it’s time to adopt an American approach, with young athletes needing to graduate and passing their exams in order to be drafted.

One thing can be agreed, more must be done to assist players after their careers.