#Hergametoo; the social media movement seeking to end sexist abuse in football.

Football is no stranger to different forms of abuse, with social media sites like Twitter and Instagram making it far too easy for anonymous figures to hurl abuse at players and fans a like, without any repercussions.

Founder of the #Hergametoo movement, Caz May

Clubs across the nation recently took part in a social media blackout in protest of this ongoing problem. Now, a new movement has surfaced, the #Hergametoo hashtag which looks to eradicate sexist abuse from the worlds most popular sport.

The movements founder, Bristol City fan Caz May, says that the abuse goes beyond just female football fans, with those working in the game also being targeted: “it’s pundits, referees, female professional footballers; anyone that is involved in the sport on a weekly basis will get tons of sexist abuse.”

Pundit Alex Scott, who is set to take over from Dan Walker as the host of Football Focus

Delve into the comments of any announcement regarding a female footballer or pundit and this will ring true. The need for women in football to be belittled for showing an interest in the game needs to be stamped out, with trailblazers such as Alex Scott, who is set to become the first female host of the BBC’s Football Focus, and Sky sports presenter Laura Woods showcasing extremely in depth and quality analysis week in, week out.

The movement has amassed over 7000 followers on twitter, gaining national coverage on Channel 5 news in the past week. Caz is looking towards a brighter future, where women can enjoy the game, free of sexist abuse.

“The ultimate aim for us is to raise awareness on the issues that women have to face in football and hopefully educate and build a better future for young girls who want to be involved in the sport.”

For more information, click here: https://youtu.be/MgzRFuZSWZU