How a reformed Club World Cup can benefit African football


I think whilst not being very clear in terms of being able to read them, your graphics seem interesting. I think the biggest problem is that they do not necessarily help towards explaining the argument that you are trying to make, ie that the money received can be used for development or for the good of football in Africa. You needed to try to find some figures for development – either in terms of clubs (ideally) or countries and then tried to build a graph around it. For instance if you had shown that Al Ahly spend x per year for development, then they could spend x times (50 divided by x) if they qualify for the Club World Cup.


The Club World Cup will expand from 6 teams to 24 as of 2021, as FIFA look to improve the value of the competition to clubs.

It could bring drastic benefits to African football due to the finances involved.

The expansion will see three teams travel to participate in the tournament, increasing from just one in the current format.

Each team that qualifies will receive $50 million, which has the potential to transform the African game.

The graph below illustrates how much the money from qualifying for the tournament ($50 million) compares to the top ten African and European clubs in terms of current market value.


If an African side were to go all the way and win the competition then they will receive an additional $115 million – about the same amount that Barcelona (the 4thmost valuable club in the world) paid for Antoine Griezmann.

It could see the start of African football beginning to close the gap to European football.

The graph below shows a comparison between the market value of the top ten European clubs against the top ten African clubs.

This shows the disparity of finances between African and European football is vast, but the three lucky teams to enter the Club World Cup will roughly double their values.

As the clubs receive this relatively huge funding, it will allow them to invest more money in facilities and players, improving the standard of football across the continent as time goes on.

Not only will it help improve quality on the pitch but help clubs grow off of it, attendances could rise due to seeing better football on the pitch and investment in stadiums could make bigger crowds more viable.

The current average capacity of English Premier league stadia is 37,541, this is due to development of the game over a large time and investment which helps these clubs afford the best players.

Having the best players will attract more people to watch and be entertained.

Therefore, more money in the African leagues would help these clubs offer bigger wages to their players, this would make it more realistic for good African players to stay and play on the continent.

Currently the difference in wages that can be offered in Europe to Africa is so large that players are unable to turn down those contracts, and the clubs unable to reject the transfer fees they’re offered.